Monday, 7 July 2014

Our project: Final evaluation. Answers for the Questionnaire

These are the answers to the questionnaire answered these previous weeks (data collected from 205 teachers and students from the 7 different countries)

 We can deduce from the answers to the questionnaire that all legends were popular in a similar way.  The participants were asked to choose a favourite legend - quite a hard task.  We can see that all legends have a similar level of popularity.  They were all appealing in a similar way.

Most of the teachers and students who answered the questionnaire would like to participate in future projects.  

There is a general positive evaluation of the project and the comments about the experiences the students had are relevant:
  • because it is very funny to drive in another country and know about other pupils and live in a family that don't eat the same food and don't speak the same language.
  • because it's a good opportunity to get many new skills, meet new people, culture for children and teachers.
  • It gives pupils and teachers the opportunity to practice foreign languages and increases their motivation towards language learning. In this way, social relations and neighbourhood contacts are actively encouraged. The creative and innovative use of ICT will improve the quality of European education....
  • Young Europeans get access to other cultures and learn to respect each other.

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